Hello, I’m Bethan and I’m a Japanese interpreter

For over ten years I have been interpreting the passion and personality of clients at the top of their game in the worlds of business, culture and the arts. I believe how you say something matters, and specialise in making sure your enthusiasm is communicated, whether you’re passionate about contemporary dance, printed electronics, or international tax.

I have all the qualifications and experience you would expect from a Japanese interpreter. But I also have the performance and delivery skills to make sure your message comes across with the impact of the original.

It’s not just a case of English going in and Japanese coming out, or the other way round. My aim is to say just what you would say if you spoke Japanese. The words come from me, but the message, the personality, the passion – they’re all yours.

Get in touch today and let’s talk about interpreting not just your words, but your message.


How Can I Help You?

Interpreting For Business

Meeting with Japanese clients? Global staff training? Factory tour?

Interpreting For Events

Film festival?
Awards ceremony?
Media interviews?

A very valuable asset

Bethan, thank you for your professional and fantastic work!
We have been working with Bethan for over 10 years and her perfect translation skills as well as the wide range of her experience & expertise
is a very valuable asset for us.
For example, she did many great jobs of simultaneous/consecutive interpretation when our HQ executives visited Europe. She has a deep understanding of ICT technology as well as practical business issues, and this makes her one of the few persons who can accurately translate the nuance of the message which is often lost in translation. We are very happy with her consistent and timely professional services!

NEC Europe